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School Improvement Plan

At Champion Middle School, we are focused on the educational success of every child. Below you will find a link to our School Improvement Summary that lists strategies for improving student success and ways parents and the community can get involved in the process.

Champion MS Improvement Plan


Academic Brief

Every student who enters Champion Middle School will be given the opportunity to develop his or her leadership, social and academic skills in order to become a successful member of society. In the classroom, students will experience rigorous, relevant, and engaging lessons that will equip them with 21st century skills.

Academic Support

Academic Support at Champion

Academic Committee-Monitors development of monthly assessments.

Literacy/School Improvement Coach-Monitors student data. Identifies areas of intervention for each subject area per month and assists with intervention strategies.

Twilight School-Extends the day for targeted students that are struggling in order to address academic needs. Twilight School meets every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 2:45-4:45 p.m.


Champion Middle School follows the statewide curriculum offered by the Columbus City School district. These additions to the curriculum coupled with block scheduling provide a sound framework for student academic success.

Homework Information

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Principal - Stephanie Bland
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